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The introduction of hydrotherapy to Crossways came following several requests from existing boarding clients who found there was nowhere available locally to swim their dogs for both rehabilitation and fun. The business now boasts a hydrotherapy pool together with animal rehabilitation equipment. It has been specifically designed for canine use, with an integral ramp and resting platforms along with two directional jets offering three levels of intensity.


The pool is heated to 29°C and is run by a 24/7 pump filtration system and by good water chemistry management, tested and recorded three times a day. The pool room is also air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.


Crossways is a member of the CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association).


Hydrotherapy is a non-weight bearing, impact free form of exercise and rehabilitation.


Hydrotherapy has now become a recognised part of treatment and can be very useful for many conditions such as :


• Arthritis management
• Intervertebral disc disease (back and neck problems)
• Post-Surgery (e.g. Cruciate ligament repairs, hip surgery)
• Injuries in sporting dogs (agility/racing)
• Neurological conditions resulting in weakness and difficulty walking
• Weight loss and general fitness
• Maintaining mobility in older dogs


Hydrotherapy can be used to help speed up recovery. If your pet is an elite athlete or a senior couch potato, conditions can arise that will benefit from hydrotherapy.

• Relieve pain
• Reduce swelling and inflammation
• Improve strength and flexibility
• Provide earlier return to normal function
• Prevent muscle wastage
• Decrease scar tissue formation
• Improve cardiovascular fitness
• Help with weight loss
• Have positive psychological effects

Pet Hydrotheraphy

Animal Hydrotheraphy

Dog Hydrotheraphy



Water Treadmills


The  Water Walker Treadmill is the latest addition to Crossways and allows rehabilitation to be controlled in a safe in-house environment with high operative success rates.

Ongoing support can be provided for patients with conditions such as:

• Invertebral disc disease
• Post-surgical conditions such as hip surgery and cruciate
• Ligament repairs
• Injuries in sporting dogs
• Neurological conditions resulting in weakness and difficulty with walking
• Maintenance of mobility in older dogs
• Management of joint conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia or oseochondrosis
Dog Water Treadmills



Additional Therapies


At Crossways Hydrotherapy Centre we have a treatment room where clinics are held by a Veterinary Acupuncturist and Physiotherapist.  This enables the business to offer an extensive range of treatments aimed at improving recovery rates and general fitness of our clients' pets.


Due to the success of the hydrotherapy pool, a dry treadmill has also been introduced.  The range of possibilities of this machine makes it a great addition to therapy in the pool.

Our fully trained Hydrotherapists are :-

Helen Bellingham-Curtis
Nicola Brint
Suzie Brint
Gillian Cooper
Nicola Lee


We also have sessions just for fun and our boarders can also enjoy fun swims and dry treadmill sessions during their stay with us.


Please ask at reception for the various "Doggy Deals" on offer.

Additional therapies